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Future newlyweds,


You should both have a lot of questions for your photographer because I have plenty for you. My job starts long before the big day and there is lots to coordinate ranging from logistics and shot list, to concepts and style, Much of which can't be addressed by any sort of one-size-fits-all approach. Each time the camera turns on, it's a different vision, different shoot - different personalities. I pride myself on creating art around you - not anyone or anything else. Below are some general questions that will hopefully give you better insight on whether Love Lit is the right fit for you:

Q: How do bookings/reservations work? How much notice do you need? How much deposit? 

A: This is on a 'first come, first served' basis. Ideally, more notice is better, but we can be flexible at times. Also, a date is only considered reserved when a deposit is issued. Typically deposit is 1/3 of the total - with the second payment made 30 days before the event and balance due on the day of your event. 

Q: Do you travel?

A: Love knows no bounds - and thanks to my passport, neither does my camera. Where appropriate, costs associated with travel are itemized and accounted for in all package estimates. Costs/fees are calculated on an actual cost basis. For example, if your wedding requires me to fly to New York, you'll pay for the actual costs of travel and stay - not an exorbitant price above and beyond.

Q: How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you shot?

A: I've been shooting for over 15 years, professionally for the last 5 with over 100 individual weddings, engagements, events, & other photoshoots under my belt to date. Of which, nearly half have been weddings/engagements/proposals.

Q: What is your style? 

A: At your wedding - business-casual. As for my photography - I don't believe in compartmentalizing it into a single style type. If I had to give it a name, I'd say I'm a situational photographer. I've choreographed and staged creative shots tailored to the bride and groom and taken the traditional family portraiture route come time for it. I also love working with natural light but also work with flashes, strobes, diffusers, and reflectors depending on what the day calls for. And when the moment requires it I'm a fly on the wall; snapping photojournalistic shots of your husband smiling at you in complete wonderment and your hilariously excitable aunt making the table cry with laughter. 

Q: What equipment do you use and what safeguards do you employ? 

A: My primary camera is an iPhone.....just kidding! I'm #TeamCanon and therefore only use professional Canon DSLR full-frame sensor cameras and professional image stabilized camera lenses. The color in Canon is unparalleled and their build quality is unsurpassed - making it a reliable workhorse of a machine I can rely on for every shoot. I do bring a secondary/back-up camera to further ensure that the day goes smoothly even in a worst case scenario. I use a Mac to edit your photos in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop CC. I back up your photographs across 3 separate hard drives to ensure their safety. Copies are archived and cataloged annually and stored so that if you ever lose your photos for any reason (theft/fire/natural disaster/drive corruption) you can contact me to retrieve them. 

Q: Why you? What distinguishes you from other photographers? 

A: What's great about weddings is that they are all different. Different people, different cultures, backgrounds, personalities, interests, and beliefs. My experiences behind the camera have made me proficient in its use, but it's my experiences around the world and its people that have given me the ability to create and capture magic moments shared between them in ways unique to those I'm shooting. I'm old enough to 'click' and connect with most everyone, yet young enough to shoot the entirety of your big day with energy to spare. Your love is paramount and your images are my top priority - second to none. I will never double book, 'sub-out' photographers, or overbook in such a way that doesn't allow me enough rest/prep time between shoots. I've seen too many over-ambitious photographers book multiple weddings on a single day and split their time between each while subcontracting second-shooters to cover the event. I won't stand for that. Quality over quantity. 

Q: I would like to have video coverage of my wedding - can you do that too? 

A: In short, yes. My personal speciality is photography. However I do have a professional network of videographers and cinematographers that I work with and can bring into the discussion of your wedding coverage.


Q: I would like a slide show of our engagement / ceremony / other pictures made to show at the reception - can you do that?

A: Yes. However, the exact requirements and details need to be coordinated. Everything can be provided from the physical slide show on a USB flash drive/disc/digital download to a theater-quality projector, projector screen, laptop, and speakers. 

Q: Do you offer photo albums? 

A: Yes. Designs and process is customized during a photography consultation session. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery depending on your chosen options. 

Q: How long does it take to get photos back? How do you send them? Are they retouched? Do I get all images or just edits? 

A: Though seasons do vary by state/country, when your wedding is shot during peak season (typically May-October), turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. When your wedding is shot in the off season (typically November-April), expect 3-4 weeks. Your photos will arrive to you on a USB flash drive for you to keep. As for editing, your photos do go through post production and receive color-correction and retouching as needed. In all instances you will receive all the unedited photos from the day as well as all retouched copies as hi-res JPG files. 


Q: Do we pick which photos we want to see retouched or do you? What is your retouch policy? 

A: This is flexible to your needs. Most every time, couples like the surprise of the final product and take a hands-off approach. In rare instances couples like to review the 'proofs' and pick which images they like best before they are edited. In which case, I will have JPEG proofs made available for digital review within 72hrs of your wedding (ignore test shots, closed eyes, funny faces, etc.). In either case, we offer a retouch guarantee that if for any reason you want to have an image altered after the post-production process, we will do it at no additional charge under the following conditions: 1) You specify in as much detail exactly what you want done to the photo (i.e. - make black & white, remove 'x' person/item/blemish/etc.), and 2) You are allowed a maximum number of photos as deemed by your chosen package.

Q: Do you provide a contract? Are you insured? What is your cancellation policy? 

A: Love Lit Photography will provide to every client a written contract that includes our insurance policy information, identifies all contracted services, notes any exclusions should there be any, and will outline the cancellation policy in full detail. In summary the cancellation policy stands as follows: any deposit is subject to a 50% fee retained if cancelled within 6 months of your wedding day and is non-refundable beyond that 6 month mark. While this policy seems hard and fast, it's not something Love Lit Photography or our clients have ever experienced.