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Who's behind the lens at Love Lit? 

While the team is spear-headed by the coupled duo Radhika & Brian, they do bring on a selection of trusty and revolving team professional photographers as needed. If you call or write - you're speaking with either Brian or Radhika. Below you'll find a short bio on these two and the team as they join the roster.

Brian Ferrari

Lead Photographer & Owner

With his journey beginning with interests in film, Brian enjoyed telling stories and creating captivating imagery from the age of 10. His first steps into the wedding world actually began working with a couple of Los Angeles' most prominent and cinematographic wedding videography companies. It was around this time that he also began pursuing his career as a professional photographer. 

With a background in photographing fashion and architecture Brian brings with him a unique set of photographic skills when shooting a wedding or engagement. He maintains just the right amount of discipline and humor as required at a wedding so that the day runs both smoothly and is non-stop fun. Working with lighting and space in a way that showcases love in the grandiose way he sees it. 

Speaking of grandiose love, Brian has a love story for the books! As the abridged version goes - he was friends with a girl for years and as fate would have it their paths eventually crossed in such a way that they began dating. This dating lead to an eventual proposal in February 2017 which of course gave way to a wedding. On the 27th of May, 2018, he married this very girl who's name is -

Radhika Vekaria

Second Photographer & Co-Owner

As a positive an energetically uplifting force, Radhika is both the literal and creative 'Yin' to the second half of Love Lit. Born and raised in London, she has a lifetime of artistry to bolster her role. Having also lived in Germany to work on global productions such as Cirque Du Soleil and Dragone, she brings with her a fresh take on the art of photographing weddings.

She's traveled most the world and climbed some of the tallest mountains - all the while camera in-hand. Taking note of the beauty around her and capturing the movement of locals in candid moments that showcases a type of beauty that only a single frame worth a 1,000 words could convey. It's these worldly experiences that give her this new palette of colors to paint with.