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What is Love Lit?

The etymology of Love Lit is simple. In this context, it's the combination of the noun 'Love' representing what we experience and emote at the deepest levels, and the verb 'Lit' representing the very foundation of photography - to create with light. We see and capture incredible moments between people lit up by love.

Love Lit Photography is your premiere Los Angeles based wedding photography studio. Whether you need wedding photography in Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara, San Diego - or even if you're having an exotic destination wedding, you can be sure that Love Lit Photography will be there for your wedding day photography needs.

Combining years of photography experience and hundreds of weddings, photoshoots, and photography excursions, Love Lit Photography has developed its own unique wedding photography style. Our style has a wedding photojournalistic foundation that is perfect for capturing real candid moments. Pulling from our photography experiences around the world our wedding photography style is also heavily influenced by fashion photography, classic portraiture photography, and epic wide-shot landscape photography that makes for vibrant imagery perfect for hanging in your home.  

We bring this photography style to every wedding, every engagement, and every shoot where we still have the fluidity to customize and artistically tailor our artistry to you and your occasion. No two weddings are the same and therefore your wedding or engagement photos are truly unique to you and your special day.


Please feel free to email us with any questions about Los Angeles, Orange County, or destination wedding photography. Also if you happen to be in the Los Angeles, area we can schedule a meeting to discuss your wedding photography needs in person. 


Photography Services

Inquire & book your wedding photography, engagement photoshoot session, surprise proposal photography, maternity photoshoot, or family portrait photo session. Happily servicing Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara & Destination Wedding events anywhere in the world!

Los Angeles & Orange County Wedding Photographer Love Lit Photography


The proposal is the first major stepping stone towards saying 'I do' on the wedding day. It's also the only time you have to capture that candid moment. With our experience & through careful planning & sneaky execution we can coordinate the perfect proposal photoshoot that will leave you both beaming. What's great is you'll also have professional photos to share with loved ones after that first 'YES!'.

Los Angeles & Orange County Wedding Photographer Love Lit Photography


An engagement photo session provides you with a chance to not only capture and tell your special love story, but give you professional photos for your 'Save The Dates' and wedding invitations. Lastly, for some couples, it also gives you the benefit of getting comfortable in front of the camera while getting to know the photographer who will be spending a lot of time with you on your wedding day. 

Los Angeles & Orange County Wedding Photographer Love Lit Photography


This is it. All the planning and preparation for your special day - your wedding day. Your wedding photography will be the least of your worries with Love Lit Photography. With our photography expertise, creativity, and passion, your wedding photos will be timeless memories captured in stunning, crisp, captivating and classical photography styles sure to impress your entire wedding guest list. 

Los Angeles & Orange County Wedding Photographer Love Lit Photography


After the wedding & honeymoon, there may be some additions to your family. Family portraiture is a joyous occasion that brings family closer. Even more so, it's an honor & a privilege to be brought back by a couple we've worked with to photograph their growing family. Love Lit is available for maternity photography, newborn photography, & family portraits.

Wedding Photography Resources

When it comes to planning your Los Angeles, Orange County or Destination wedding, you can easily become inundated with information. This wedding-info overload will likely never go away. Through the many weddings, events, engagements, and proposal photo sessions, Love Lit Photography knows the paradox of choice people are faced with. To help combat that, below are a few wedding and wedding-photography resources that should - at the very least - put you in a better informed buying decision for your wedding photography needs. 


When it comes to wedding photography, I am just as dedicated to the art as I am to your wedding. Love Lit Photography prides itself on being more of a boutique outfit - limiting the number of weddings we book per year. The number one reason for this kind of decision is simply because I believe the intimacy and exclusivity of your wedding doesn't align with the concepts and principles found in larger 'copy+paste' operations.    


The photography for your Los Angeles or Orange County wedding will go off without a hitch! Going over our FAQ will help you understand the intricacies of wedding photography and our processes in such a way you'll not have to worry about a thing come your wedding day. If you don't see your question listed, of course you're more than welcome to call or email us directly.


As cliché as it sounds, the real joy of being a wedding photographer is seeing the reactions of our clients and their loved ones when they receive their photos. Whether it's leaving us a humbling review on WeddingWire to a shoutout on Instagram - we shoot from the heart and love it when people are witness to the results. Click below to read our clients' testimonials! 



Your wedding is a grand occasion & sometimes that means you're looking to bring in other creative elements like:

  • Videography

  • Hair & Make-up (MUA/H)

  • Event Planning

  • Cakes & Pastries 

aaWhile we only provides wedding photography we do work alongside a select few who come highly recommended in Los Angeles.


Photographing a wedding is an exciting and humbling experience. It requires a photographer to pivot - both literally & creatively, to capture, craft, & construct beautiful moments between loved ones on their wedding day. This blog is a place where you'll find insightful stories told by Brian regaling his experiences behind the lens throughout his travels as a wedding photographer.



Love Lit likes to keep things simple - you only pay for what you need. Remember, your wedding photos are the only things both you and your guests get to keep forever. Ever hear the phrase "If it's too good to be true - it probably is?". While this most certainly applies to your wedding photography know that it still shouldn't cost you as much as a down payment on a car.   

A diamond in the rough

Weddings can be intimidating to plan - but your photography shouldn't be! We're here to help. 

Operating worldwide from an office in Los Angeles, California.

Contact us today to discuss booking your wedding or engagement photography in Los Angeles, California - or anywhere love takes you!

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